We are the Goddess Society- A group of Fun, Beautiful and Amazing Women who know how to have a good time...Doing Nothing At All or Absolutely Everything! We gather at pools, Starbucks, Sushi, and nail salons in our domain we call Greeley,Colorado. Our names represent the powers we have...or think we have. And we have wonderful supportive males that allow us to spend the quality time we deserve. For we are professionals, mothers, wives and mentors- otherwise known as-wait for it...Goddesses!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Goddess Doings 2012 (so far)

We go to coffee as often as possible-usually once a week.  This time we went to The Buzz because it made the list of Best Coffee Places in Northern Colorado and right down the street from us.  (http://thebuzzcoffeeshop.com/)   It was part of the NoCo 50 Challenge  (https://www.facebook.com/Noco50)    brought on by Scott and Sadie (www.bigcountry979.com) and The Coloradoan newspaper (www.coloradoan.com)

January 29th:  Tough challenge-ordering our fave coffee drinks and sitting together chatting?  DONE!

The month of April:  To celebrate the Goddess Riviera's Birthday Season (yes, we have seasons, not just a day or week), we enjoyed a dinner out at Coyote's Mexican Restaurant.  http://coyotesgreeley.com/index.html 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Catching up on Goddess doings 2011, part deux

We celebrated 2 more summer birthdays, The Goddess Caress and The Goddess Hippie, with a trip to Fort Collins to shop at Charming Charlie's (www.charmingcharlie.com) and dinner at Hu Hot Express (http://www.huhot.com/)  What a fun night!

We also celebrated The Goddess Hippie with  another kind of cake...see if you can figure out what we are honoring.

Halloween at the haunted mansion of  Goddess Princess

and of course...it has become tradition to attend Ugly Christmas Sweater parties!

New Year's Eve Princess PJ Party

So...what will 2012 bring?  Stay tuned!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Goddess Birthday-the BIG One!


July, 2011 was the birthday month of our Goddess of Indulgence, Princess.  We threw a lively and retro 70's party in her honor at Goddess Soleil's house. 

Proper retro dress and costumes were encouraged as well as plenty of adult beverages

A good time was had by all!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Goddess dinner and a movie

After what seemed like endless schedule conflicts, all 6 Goddesses got together for dinner and a movie Wednesday night!  We ate dinner at On The Border at Centerra-great strawberry margs and delicious Mexican food.

bottom left clockwise: Goddesses Soleil, Riviera, Hippie, Star, Princess and Caress

After dinner we made the wait staff take our picture-again and again til we approved. 

Then it was off across the parking lot to Metrolux 14 for our chick flick pick, "Bridesmaids"
Princess Bag Lady.  Really not sure what this was about but does it matter?

Before going in, we made strangers take our pic in front of the movie poster.  We did give picture taker guy kudos for being man enough to go to a chick flick with his GF
We ate popcorn and contraband candy, screamed through the scary trailer,  laughed hysterically at the movie and at Princess when she jumped, screamed or freaked out at something in the movie (she REALLY gets involved!).  Fun time was had by all and I'm sure those around us won't forget the experience either. (sorry!)

The Goddess Riviera made up a movie trailer with us in it...too funny! now you can see how we match up to the characters, ha ha!


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Goddesses Go To The Zoo

Each year,  The Denver Zoo does "Zoo Lights" during the Christmas holiday season. (http://www.denverzoo.org/zoolights/index.asp)

Star, Riviera, Princess and Soleil carpooled in the Goddess Mobile (aka mom van) and here are a few highlights of that trip:

What we don't have pictures of is the hilarity that ensued at the Village Inn afterwards!
"wow, I've never see girls put away so much food, I'm proud of you!" -our waitress
"ummm, thanks ??"  -us to her
What an odd thing to say to a customer and then after 10 minutes of uncontrollable giggling we also said amongst ourselves, "don't worry we plan to throw up later!"  Which led to more uncontrolled laughing. I think the staff got a kick out of us, but, I'm pretty sure they all thought we were drunk, too! 
(no alcohol was consumed, we just have a really good time where ever we go)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Goddesses LOVE coffee get togethers!

We gather every week to share stories and coffee-these are the most recent pics

 Ugly Christmas Sweater Get Together

Christmas gift exchange

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cajun Boil Goddess Style

The Goddesses and our men gathered at The "New" Plantation restaurant (http://www.menusfirst.com/greeley/thenewplantation.htm) to enjoy good company, good adult beverages and some Cajun Boil.  (no frogs were harmed during our dinner-can't say the same for the other critters tho!)